//Mainland wise I’ve been to London, Edinburgh and lived in Glasgow for 3 years but that’s the extent of my adventures. >_>; If you ever go to Ireland, deffs check out Dublin but be wary because it’s so damn expensive and kinda dangerous too.

((Ahh, I live about an hour from London, back home. I’ve been in Dublin before, for like, two nights, but that was at the Tall Ships Festival… last year? So I didn’t really see much of the city. Hmm, from someone who lived in Glasgow to say Dublin’s dangerous, I might wear chainmail when I visit))

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// Because we’re full of chavs? And they like the sea?

I dunno I didn’t move away from home for uni XD

((Nah man, nothing can be more full of chavs than my home town back in the South East. Fucking choked with them. Hahah, the draw to the south didn’t take you))

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//XD hahaha no need to apologise. But year, I live in Northern Ireland so our history is KLAZY. >_>;;

((Ahhhh, very niceeeee. I need to go to Ireland more, I’ve more passed it down the Irish Sea a few times, waved to the land as I go passed kind of thing. One day, one day))

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*Waves from the Midlands*

((A Midlander! +waves from the coast+ Why does everyone seem to come from the Midlands? Like everyone at uni here is from the Midlands. What’s so bad about them that everyone runs away to the south?))

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//*Waves from Ireland.*

((+waves and apologises profusely for your country’s history+))

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Anonymous inquired:

What time zone are you in?

((GMT, I live in the south of England))

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kneeltoyourqueen replied to your post:.
and coffee with a dude ayyyy

((And coffee with a dude and I’m so fucking nervous oh my god help))

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*He pulls him into a gentle kiss as he pushed his pants down*

Scared? Don’t be

[He kisses him, fingers dipping into Dom’s hair.]

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*He reached out to undo the laces*

Trust me

[He doesn’t stop him, just watches, nervously.]

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