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Anonymous inquired:

I love your blog, I enjoy seeing you on my dash and wish that I was enough cojones to ask you to RP.

((Shhhh come ask. I won’t say no, honest. I will say hold on ‘cos I’m about to fuck off to another country for three weeks, but after that I’m all yours darling/dear/mate/bro. 

If you like seeing me on your dash, imagine how I’d look on your blog.))

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[ ♔ ] meet the puppeteer

name: Carrie

height: 5’6”
eye colour: Blue/grey
birthday: 17th May
favorite colour: Blue
best school subject(s): English, Geology
current shirt colour: White and blue striped tank top
day or night: Night
religion: None, atheist
sexual orientation: Bisexual
single or taken: Single 
celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth
coffee or tea: Teateateatea
favourite food: Steak?

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Truthful Anon Feelings:

Go on ANON and tell me what you think of me. I do not want to know who it is, at all. Don’t tell me who it is, don’t give me hints, don’t say your screen name. Tell me exactly what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat things. Don’t lie. If you hate me, tell me why. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. If you like me, tell me why. Tell me exactly what you think of me.

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A God to Sell (Open AU)


Loki smirked again before ringing a bell of ice to summon a servant. She entered, eyes downcast, and Loki sent her running for food.

"When will you believe me," he says as he gestured Baldr to sit on a low chair covered with a snowy pelt, "when I say that I am capable of kindness? In fact, kindness is all that I have shown you thus far. I am far kinder than my brothers."

True, he was kinder when the mood struck him. But he was also far crueler when deemed necessary. His red eyes tracked the grace and elegance with which the Aesir rose to his feet. The iron must weigh heavily upon his arms and his very being, binding him to the ground, binding him to Jotunheim.

Loki was no fool. He knew he needed more to bind the stag to him than just promises and iron. Blood magic was the strongest binding he knew. But had not the slaver demonstrated repeatedly that the god could not be injured? Could not bleed? Loki needed blood for blood magic…..or at least something of Baldr’s person. Blood was the strongest bond, but even a bit of hair would do to bind them together. Baldr’s hair mixed with Loki’s blood with the right kind of magic would bind them together in a way that even the Aesir warrior would be able to feel. 

But he waited. He couldn’t very well rip out Baldr’s hair now. He could wait. 

He noticed Loki’s gaze, noted how long it lingered over the metal that curved about his wrists. Bulky and weighted it was, clamped tightly against his skin and anchored deep to his bones, and no doubt the Trickster knew well enough it’s implications. They could have been spikes, for all the invincible god cared for, punching through bone and locked in chain, to tether him so to this realm. The iron called to return to the ground again, and while they still touched golden flesh they would keep him there also.

But a flicker to the woman, a vague interest there, and Baldr pondered a secondary source of help. Asgard kept no slaves, bought no lives to serve, simply to free. Her servants of the realm were paid, given the rights of all other citizens to land and family and food, and never once having their soul claimed ownership of. As was different here, when the woman enter in such a subservient way.

Even Baldr, a prince of his own world, would have softly asked after her if such a display was made back home. Such quietness did not bode well, and he cared to remember to befriend all who wore shackles or were bought by Jotunheim.

”I will believe you when I am shown more than being able to move my hands,” replied to god, blunt to a fault as drew his gaze from the slave, and spent a heartbeat puzzling over Loki’s deep thought. What did the other plan? But he took up the seat, for a moment slipping into the royalty he was, legs lasciviously crossed and stance relaxed as if they were but king’s sons talking. 

For a moment he could almost forget the shackles.

”Do not say you saved me from a life of being a prostitute. You shall use me all the same, whether for my sword arm or what lays between my legs; I could be a mute for all you care as long as I do my job. Show me kindness for kindness’ sake and I will believe you.”

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"How do you know I didn’t want you to begin with? Besides I was trespassing on your lands. Wait…have you stolen something of mine I don’t know about? Now I have to catalogue every inch of this Light-forsaken realm, Great. I can’t move fast anymore, Baldr.”


”Eris, you probably threatened to cut off every extremity I owned for even laying hands on your precious drum. I very much doubt you wanted me to begin with, if not for a trophy piece nailed upon your wall. 

I am glad it has not come to that, however. Although I would dearly like to see you waddling about the Breidablik, trying to find some stolen good in there. I promise you, there is some.”

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[ kraki inhaled slowly and leaned in only a little as he lifted a hand. carefully, very carefully, he let a finger ghost over baldr’s lips. ]

[He let the finger run, dragging over the skin that burned hotter than most, like sand radiating the sun’s heat, and a breath expelled that warmed the air to a summer’s burn. All the while molten chocolate eyes stared deep to Kraki’s own, the tip of his finger wet from Baldr’s curious tongue.]

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