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M!A- For the next 24 hours, you can be hurt by anything BUT mistletoe. Have fun ;)


”To think I could not be cursed enough.”

08 Apr 13 @ 8:59 pm  —  reblog
  1. thewolffenrir said: [grins]
  2. shroudedinfrost said: "Deceiver doesn’t seem to be around. Would you like me to play the part of your babysitter, dearest brother?"
  3. silvertonguesewnlips said: "Well. That is…unfortunate."
  4. rubysfosterarchives said: "So… ah, would you like me to guard you, love?"
  5. secretagentclintbarton said: Welcome to the life of everyone else.
  6. verily-thor said: -noogies Baldr-
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